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Order of the icons in the Target segment pane context menu

(Every mouse movement potentially contributes to RSI.)

For me the A>a icon should be at the first position, for me it's the most frequently used one.

How do others see this?

I don't use the the A>a icon. I just select something and say "Change case" ;-)

However, I like the order of that menu.

And you really thing that that is more efficient. Just wait until you get stembanden-RSI.

BTW: The addition of the Add term to glossary table icon to this context menu would be an improvement, at least for me. But I cannot have everything, can I?

>However, I like the order of that menu.

Really? You do use the S1 and S2 more than case toggles?

I hadn't even noticed that S1 and S2 existed before you mentioned it. I use AutoHotkey script keyboard shortcuts and/or voice commands for these.

So why do you state then that you like the current order of the icons, dear Michael?

my statement was theoretical (as always)

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