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Windows rules

Hi Igor,

Is my observation correct that my favourite operating system, Windows, has far more CafeTran users than any other, less advanced operating system?



PS Support Microsoft Windows!

PPS They need your support!

There will be much more Mac users among translators, You must deduct those who do not use it as productive tool (at least concerning translation, those who are using inferior translation tools on the Mac (e.g. Wordfast Classic – I never got used to this kind of tools... or Heartsome... hey, it is free, and for many colleagues this is a much better argument than "no support, no development and at least a handful of glitches"), and finally you must deduct those who are running Fusion and Parallels to run inferior translation tools (this was my case, until I questioned myself why to maintain and run two OSs). 

Maybe the bad compliance of Parallels 10 and El Capi makes some people think now.

My side bar in Finder with El Capi and Parallels 10...

>you must deduct those who are running Fusion and Parallels to run inferior translation tools (this was my case, until I questioned myself why to maintain and run two OSs

Just this morning I agreed with my bookkeeper that I'll stop using the horrible Windows bookkeeping software Snelstart. Just recently it didn't send my EU VAT declaration to the authorities. Since I was on holiday in the summer (which I reported in this forum as I always duly do), I didn't notice the bug. Now it costs me a lot of money because of a penalty for too late. Ef STAR sea UK for this Snelstart software company.

This will be pretty much the last Windows trutsoftware that I had to use. No good bookkeeping software for Mac in Holland Kikkerland. As of 1/1/16 my bookkeeper wil start doing everything. I just shift everything in a shared Dropbox et voila.

At least, that's the plan.

BTW: I read complains in the Metatexis forum that we Mac enjoyers are making too much noise, venting how satisfied we are with CafeTran FOR Mac.

Yep Michael, this time I deliberately use FOR instead of ON.

Dikke puh!

Penalties for being too late? In the Netherlands? Really?

My bookkeeper does everything including VAT declarations for the last few years (he only gets my paper documents) and although he is expensive he costs less than the time I would spend and lose translation work (and all this is better for my nerves...). So I only need GrandTotal for my invoices.

>Penalties for being too late? In the Netherlands? Really?

But all the free drugs you want!

Ah, they are free?

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