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Search problem (CT Update 7)


Since I installed Update 7, I've been experiencing a problem with searches:

When I type a search term in the search field and then click on 'MS', 'MT' or 'GL' on the search toolbar, CT searches not only my memories or glossaries (as it's supposed to) but also the project source segments. I find that quite annoying because very often, I want to see the segments of the Grid too while I look at the memory/glossary search results.

At first, I thought that was because I'd selected "Project source segment" when I'd last used the Find dialogue, but changing the selection didn't help. CT will always search the project source segments too.

Is there any way to make CT search only what you want it to search, or will we have to wait till the next update?



Have you tried unchecking this:

That did the trick. Thanks!


I'd prefer a change to this feature: if you use the MS or MT icon in the Source segment pane, the status of the Include project segments should be ignored. I'd prefer if this checkbox only affects searches via the Find and Replace dialogue box.

How do others think about this?

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