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Are we sure we want FreshDesk at all? There seem to be several problems associated with it, like no way to edit posts only to delete them, no way of quickly finding out the new posts, and for reasons unknown to me yet, I can't copy/paste anymore.


Yes I did. Michael, can you confirm that YOU can change your username, logout and relogin without the previous username reappearing?


@Igor: You may get logged in to the forum via your account. Have you tried logging out from there too?

That was the solution! Thanks :-) 

Alain: That was the solution!

It's not. And if I want to change my name, I also have to change my password, even though it says I can leave it blank if I don't want to change it.

Ceterum censeo Freshdesk olet.


Woorden, I went to the main site ( and just changed my username, nothing else. When I returned to Freshdesk and logged in, my new username was applied automatically.


That's what I did.

And then I got:

I did - several times - logged out, and... back to "woorden". Too early?

Ceterum censeo Freshdesk olet


 I didn't get this message about password fields.

@Woorden: Too early?

Don't think so, I went back immediatly to the forum and my username was changed for A C.

Alain: Don't think so

Too early, for me. It's still early in the morning here.

Ceterum censeo Freshdesk olet


I tried again. Only changed my user name (that didn't need to be changed), did not click Save Changes this time, logged out, went to the forum. Same shit.

Ceterum censeo Freshdesk olet


In case it could give you a hint, I'm pasting my Firefox Security and Privacyt settings.
(and my Saved logins section is empty)


? Not pasted, my mistake... One more try:


Thank you, but for the moment I'm sick and tired of it. Back to work.

Ceterum censeo Freshdesk olet


Hi Alain,

You can contact me with the new details, and I will try to do it for you.


Is there a way to be notified by e-mail of new posts in a forum one is following?

You have to click the Following button:

namely, the Following button:

er, I mean the button with the label Following (got in a loop :( had to reset my head):

You got yourself a new picture did an update on your head? ;)

Thanks, following a forum indeed does the trick. I’ve now created a filter that labels such notifications with the same label as the Yahoo group in my Gmail. It’s more convenient for me to monitor everything from Gmail, and only go to forums if/when there’s something of interest.

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