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Converted return package is empty

I am trying to send my client a return package. I have gone to project > convert > to package > return package. But the package is empty. If I try to open it, it opens an empty project. My client can't open it either. What could be the problem?

Silly question: Did you translated it?

I still think (as I mentioned on ProZ) you should ask if you can send the TMX file. Usually, that's good enough.


Do you want to use Skype or TeamViewer? I'm available!

Skype: alinea-doc

Yes, I translated it, but I have to admit that I am still confused while using CAT tools. I don't have the basics. It seems most tutorials assume that I know what I'm doing. But I will study a bit more and maybe that will help. 

I did send a TMX file but the client wants me to fix the problem so that she knows she can keep working with me, apparently. 

I will skype if I can't solve this. Thanks!

Hi Jenny,

I think "return packages" are an SDL Studio thing. What gets exported in CafeTran is the CafeTran package, in the CafeTran project/package format: .ctp


Did she tell you what software she works with? I bet it's Trados, and though you can handle Trados very well in CT, you can't create tem.


tem=them, like in themit. No way to edit posts...


Instead of editing my post, I usually just delete and repost it, corrected. Not ideal, but it gets the job done.

I am assuming client works in SDL.

I am not geting a ctp file, I am getting a .sdlrpx. But if I was getting a .ctp, that means she can't use it anyway.How would I send the "unclean file"? It is something that she mentioned as well.

Oops, you are right: an sdlrpx is created when you translate an SDL project. It should be possible for the client to open this in Studio.

Are you on Windows or on Mac?

This solves everything. Just send her the SDXLIFF.


How do I get a hold of a SDXLIFF? Please forgive my enourmos ignorance. 

It's there. In your CT project Unless you translated the doc(x) file. In case you did that, drop the .sdlrpx on the CT dashboard. Open the TM you created when translating the .docx. Go through it once more, with Jump over exact TM matches enabled (if you have guts).


I opened an SDL package in CafeTran, so I didn't translate a doc file, but I guess it's not a CT project. 

Rename the SDLRPX to SDLRPX.ZIP and double-click on it to open the ZIP file. Drag the SDLXLIFF file(s) to your Desktop.

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