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Converted return package is empty

I am trying to send my client a return package. I have gone to project > convert > to package > return package. But the package is empty. If I try to open it, it opens an empty project. My client can't open it either. What could be the problem?

Jenny: I opened an SDL package in CafeTran, so I didn't translate a doc file, but I guess it's not a CT project.


In that case, you're lucky. You already have the SDLXLIFF file. Search for it, it should be in the CT folder.


You didn't create a CafeTran project, you only opened and edited a Trados Studio project. Lucky you.


Hans CafeTran Wiki: Rename the SDLRPX to SDLRPX.ZIP and double-click on it to open the ZIP file.

Could very well be the procedure. Can't remember. I just returned the SDLXLIFF file, not the package.


Jenny sent me the package. Content looks okay. Alas I cannot open it in Studio because the freelance version only allows 5 languages. We are so lucky with CafeTran

Client received an SDLXLIFF and another copy of the SDLRPX and saif SDLXLIFF is OK, but that SDLRPX has an untranslated segment which causes problems. Very strange. I'm sure I haven't missed anything. I attached the screenshot she sent me.


Not to worry, Jenny. I think your client isn't very proficient with Studio. Indeed the percentage of progress in the package isn't correct. Igor should try to fix it. If the client opens the package, the progress looks like:

However, when she saves the project 1x in Studio, the progress indicator is set to 100 %.

When she filters on Not translated segments ... she'll find none.

So rest assured. Every new cooperation has its merits.

I had to review a project in Across this week, well that was real fun (N.O.T.).

Take care,



These are general instructions.

When working on an SDLXLIFF file directly in CT, make sure that:

1. You import and translate the SDLXLIFF file contained in the "target language" folder. The one in the "source language" folder can also be imported for translation, but when you open the project in SDL Trados (after translating that one), you only see empty target segments.

2. Segments beginning with a tag or white space sometimes do not retain their translations in SDL Trados (according to my experience). So, for these segments, it might be safer to copy the source segments to the target segments and overwrite them without changing the beginning tag or white space.

3. When the translation is over, Go to "Task" and click "Set translated status for target segments." Otherwise, when the file is opened in SDL Trados, all segments are recognized as "not translated": 0% progress in translation.
When you open the translated project in SDL Trados, the system may still show 0% progress, but after just opening and saving the file(s), it becomes 100%.

4. An SDL Trados project file can be converted into a zip file by changing its extension, but the opposite is not possible. You can't create an SDL Trados return package simply by changing the project folder's extension from zip to sdlrpx. You need an SDL Trados to create a return package.



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