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How to return an XLIFF file?

Q: My client has given me a doc-file and asked me to return the project in both .doc and .xliff. I am not familiar with xliff and I have just started using CafeTran. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?


  • Open the DOC in Word.
  • Save as DOCX.
  • Start CafeTran.
  • Drag the DOCX onto the green part of the CafeTran Dashboard.
  • Click the Next button to start.
  • Translate all segments.
  • At the end, choose Export to create the translated DOCX.
  • Open the translated DOCX in Word and save as DOC.
  • Choose Project > Convert > To package to create a ZIP (with the extension CTP) with the XLIFF.

Ok, I have a CTP file that I changed into a .zip. If I open that I cannot find an XLIFF. There is an XLF, CTP, DOCX, and TMX.

You are right. XLF is the file extension for CT work files.

XLIFF files have .xlf as their extension.

If you don't want to create a CTP project package, you don't even have to. Just sent your client the translated DOC file and the XLF file that's located inside the project folder.


If I am understanding this right, if the client wants the XLIF, I just grab the file when I finish from the folder of the original project with an extension .sdlxliff and send that back, is that correct?

They specifically asked me NOT to send them the Return Package, which I have done successfully before. 

> is that correct?

Yes, that should be okay if this is what your client wishes. 

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