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Marking text containing tags

I must confess this surely has been discussed already in the mailing list, but I'd like to get this in front again.

When marking a text in any segment (source or target) I cannot see if a tag is marked or not. This makes problems when copying some larger text with (leading/trailing) tags from source to target, not the whole segment but a part of a text that does not need translation or just a smaller correction.

Of course I am considering that

  • tags alone can quickly be copied or inserted.
  • you will be able to cover a part of this with Non-Translatables (texts with the enterprise or product name set in bold, no matter why).
  • "Automatic transfer of remaining text" is another important feature for texts that were made out of scanned PDFs (sometimes even despite of CodeZapper)

But there might be one or another newbie that gets irritated by this GUI behavior...

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