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Battery drain & CPU usage.


I'm experiencing an issue with Cafetran's resource use. I'm using a 2014 Retina Macbook Pro with i5 2,6 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and a solid state drive running the final build of El Capitan 10.11. The laptop is still pretty new and maintains a stable 8-9 hour battery life (~120 load cycles) while using Safari, MS Office and other simple, everyday tools.

However, using Cafetran decreases the battery life to approximately 2,5 - 3 hours, the fan fires up to more than 3,000 rpm (idle value = ~1,300), also the temperatures rise considerably. I've already tried changing the autosave setting value for glossaries, projects and memories to 10.
At the moment I'm using a single TMX memory consisting of little less than 12,000 entries and a couple of glossaries with several hundred terms.

I'm using the full version of Cafetran, revision 2015101301 released today and I have the newest java 8 installed.

The above happens regardless of the translated file's size. It makes no difference if the document contains five thousand characters or a hundred thousand.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the Activity Monitor's energy tab, with the second and third columns being Energy Impact and Average Energy Impact. That's after ten minutes of working in Cafetran. CPU Usage stays between 15 and 20%.

I had the same issue with older revisions of Cafetran on my old 2010 Macbook white running Mavericks and, later on, Yosemite. However, it wasn't that much of an issue since that laptop wouldn't last more than two hours on a single charge anyway.

As my hardware finally allows to spend more than a couple of hours away from the wall socket, it would be great to take advantage of it.

I would be very grateful for any help on this matter.

...or is it supposed to be like that?


Piotr, What tool do you use to measure fan speed and CPU and probably GPU temp?

Hans CafeTran Wiki: Eventually a systematic approach could make a clean install necessary.

Nope. BS. If the only complaint is the temperature when running CT, nope. If there are a thousand other problems, probably also nope. Nope.


>I give up, Piotrek. I don't have that problem, because I don't have a MacBook.


Don't fret! Your help is much appreciated, nonetheless!. :-)


>Did you do a clean install of El Capitan?

The current installation is about 2 or 3 weeks old I don't think that is the problem. I do care about, let's name it, "software hygiene".

>Piotr, What tool do you use to measure fan speed and CPU and probably GPU temp?

I'm using smcFanControl v. 2.5.2.

The only thing that changed in the past couple of days is me updating CT to rev. 9 and Java 8 to rev. 65 yesterday.

I did some testing with my MacBook Pro. I received a new battery, together with the replaced top case. The battery only has 2 loading cycles. I guess that's the reason why I only have 3 hours remaining battery life, after disconnecting it from the power plug. Something to keep an eye on, in the next weeks. I imported 3 bogus Word documents (each about 6 pages) that I found on the internet. I populated all targets and performed some replacement actions. Then I committed the project to the TM, emptied the target segments in the project and navigated through the segments by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Down. Then I repeated this process a couple of times (replacing with different letters, committing to TM etc.). I got this:

Is that the CPU temperature? If so, mine becomes 'hot' too. But the fan runs at a lower speed.

And this:

Does this info help you?

BTW: I'm running CafeTran with factory settings on this MacBook Pro.

After posting the previous message, I clicked the battery icon in the menu bar again: 3:36 remaining (it had went down to 2:06 first). So I guess there is some calibrating going on, for the new battery. Ah, 3:46 now.

Hi Hans,

thank you for your effort!

These are my stats:

That's when actively using CafeTran and adding segments to project memory. When CafeTran is sitting in the background and I'm not using it, the temps fall down to:

after a couple of minutes, which is a perfectly acceptable value in itself, and go down to almost idle values (~50C/1300 rpm) after ten minutes.

CPU Usage:

Energy consumption:

What I have also experienced in the last couple of weeks is that – occasionally – CafeTran becomes corrupted and does not load. All I get is a blank screen, beachball and the information that CT does not respond. The only option is to reset all CT settings via a launcher Igor provided for someone over at the Google Group. I haven't managed to replicate this particular issue, but it did happen at least three or four times in the past two-theee weeks.

>What I have also experienced in the last couple of weeks is that – occasionally – CafeTran becomes corrupted and does not load.

I had that when I upgraded CafeTran from Java 6 to Java 8, about a year ago. I then made a fresh install and reconfigured all settings manually. 

Hi Piotrek,

As for the beachball at the startup issue, please update CafeTran to the latest version as described here:

and report it either in the Report a problem section or via the support ticket if it ever occurs again.


>I had that when I upgraded CafeTran from Java 6 to Java 8, about a year ago. I then made a fresh install and reconfigured all settings manually. 

Oh, right. That seems to be the case, as I've upgraded to Java 8 just now. Thanks, I'll get to it. Maybe it will  also do something fix my other predicament.

Unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet. Java & CT reinstall does not help and the fan in my MB still sounds like it's close to breaking Mach 1.

Also, I'm not quite sure about that CT reinstall. Somehow after deleting CT from the Applications tab and copying a freshly downloaded copy it still recognized my license and custom location of resources. Where does it keep its configuration files? A systemwide search shows up nothing except the app itself.

piotrek: Where does it keep its configuration files?

AppCleaner does a nice job finding app related files (never mind the crash reports, there are quite a few...):

For a better search, use the Terminal ("find", not "mdfind"), or EasyFind (free like in free beer).

That said, I don't believe in "fresh installs" either. Since Igor and Hans CafeTran Wiki - the experts, so to say - took over your question, I refrained from posting. However, I continued checking CPU usage on my iMac. It varies between 25-166% when I checked, but I wasn't fast enough to capture the latter. I'm afraid that if the pretranslation trick doesn't work, you're out of luck.


What I can't understand is why Hans gets much better results in terms of CPU temp and fan speed on a very similar MB model and the same software (CT and java).

I'll have a couple of spare hours tomorrow and probably resort to a Time Machine backup and full format and reinstallation of OS X. The current one is transfer from my previous MB. Maybe there's something wrong with the OS files transferred from that computer.

Otherwise – I haven't a clue.

piotrek: I haven't a clue.

Neither have I. Fans in a Mac do not make any noise. If they do, there's something very wrong. So maybe it's just a hardware problem. I cannot believe "clean", "fresh" or Time Machine (re)install will have any positive effect. It's a known for some time now that CT uses a lot of processing power going from one segment to the next, to the point I tried to find an app that used the same CPU power, and couldn't find it. Other MacBook users complained about the heat when using CT, but "pretraslating" seemed to have helped. Hardware.


I wouldn't go as far and say that something's very wrong. As you're saying – CT is hungry for processing power, CPU temperature rises and the fans try to lower it. Otherwise – it's silent as a grave.

I'm a sucker for Blizzard's games from time to time. Diablo 3/Starcraft 2 are the only apps (and both are more CPU- than GPU-reliant) that push my MacBook to similar, although still lower, limits as CT does. Every other piece of software I have is no match for this laptop, including WoW (which pretty much keeps the MB at almost idle values in both the CPU and fan departments), although this one would probably run pretty well on a pocket calculator nowadays.

The "going from one segment to the next" thing I find quite interesting. In layman's understanding high CPU usage result from a lot of background tasks CT performs when loading new segments. In a pretty much default workflow that would be sending queries to machine translation, running the segment against your TMs and glossaries, generating matches and saving the previous segment into the default project TM (what am I missing?).

However, if I close all my TMs, all glossaries, turn off machine translation – CPU load stays the same, even though CT has a lot less to do on the spot. What I'm thinking about is – what else can I turn off to make CT as simple and feature-deprived as possible? 

I could very well go step by step from there in order to find a sweet spot between functionality and going crazy from imagining that I'm slowly killing my shiny laptop.

For the time being I guess I'll just have to get myself a half-decent cooling pad and try not to think about it too much.

piotrek: ...going crazy from imagining that I'm slowly killing my shiny laptop.

I've been using CT for more than five years on the very same iMac, and it's still alive. However, an iMac is not a MacBook, and I do not hear any noise from fans (probably because I don't have any fans, though I do have followers and imitators). I think you should have your hardware checked - if only for peace of mind - before changing anything on OS/software level.


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