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REQ: Isometry-like resource-pop-up feature possible?


Isometry is a Chrome-based translation tool.

(Personal version available until the end of this month)

I like its resource-pop-up feature. Would it be possible in CT?


(11.4 MB)

How can I watch .MOV on Windows?

QuickTime Player on Mac


On Windows, you can watch that video with the VLC Media Player. No need to install the QuickTime Player here.


MBr: No need to install the QuickTime Player here.

On a Mac, there's no need to install QuickTime either. Like all software everybody will likely need, it comes with the operating system. That said, I did install VLC, and set all movie types to be opened with it. As a man of the words, I'm not much interested in pics, let alone moving pics, and one app to rule them all is more convenient, I think.


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