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CT and full screen

As mentioned before (not after), CT doesn't support full screen. I couldn't care less, but...

[also published on ProZ]

Call me chicken. I downloaded El Capitan, haven't installed it yet. One of the new features is "split full screen." I always use split screen, but I don't like full screen very much. However, the split screen feature I use, has a serious flaw - a design flaw, I'd say, very un-Apple: The Menus are only available for the active app (I can live with that), and only at the left side of the screen. That means that if your active app is on the right half, you'll have to mouse all the way (27") to the left. Now here's hoping the Split Full Screen feature will change that. In that case, I'll happily use the feature, and go full screen.

Anybody tried already?



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