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Non-translatables surrounded by tags


I have a series of icons displayed in CT as <iaf: 18> (or any other number) surrounded by tags. I'm trying to use some regex for this in the non-translatables list, but all I can get is <iaf:, so I have to insert the first tag, then <iaf:, then the number, and finally the last tag...

Any idea how I could get the full thing (<iaf: 18>, or <iaf: 17>, and so on)....?

Or, even better, the full thing surrounded by the tags...

That should do the trick. Don't know how to surround with tag numbers automagically because they may vary, but I think you can use a script to surround with "letter tags", if the are all bold, italics, etc. (with move superflous tags to end of segment enabled), like b and /b


Wild guess: A TMX memory, and therefore a TMX termbase, can save tags. But I don't think regexes are enabled for termbases (this is no feature request, I don't use regexes in CT). However, if you use the S/R from the Menu, you could be lucky. I'm not going to dive into this too much, since there are well-known regex experts on this forum.


Hi Woorden,

I tried with (<.*>)

It gives only the number, without the <iaf: part.

I didn't try in CT (Igor doesn't want to make public what flavour CT uses, and I couldn't care less), but what if you use


Same result with (<:iaf.*>)... I get only the number. :-(

Note: I wrote <iaf: a few times in my first post, but it's <:iaf

Maybe you should use a tab del glossary for this, rather than the non-translatable thingie. Don't understand the use of the latter anyway (if you use AA).

So... better wait for the Experts!


The solution for this would be a regex tagger, like mQ has. I've asked for this a couple of time. It would really be a great improvement.

Now back to your problem at hand. It's rather complicated to handle expressions containing punctuation marks and spaces. You have to experiment a lot. Maybe I'll try later myself (my MBP is in repair, I only have a HP laptop without CT currently). One thing that complicates things most likely is the Do Not Match category.

But, like I said: the best solution would be a reg ex tagger that would allow us to replace constructions like these with one tag.

Okay, I've downloaded the Windows version. 1847 downloads since 22 April 2015. Not a bad score.

Hi Hans,

I don't really understand the regex tagger stuff, but I remember that in WF (both classic and pro) it was really easy to paste everything that was between < > and [ ], among others (it was an option in the Pandora box). I really miss it. :-(

Hi Alain,

If you wish to use a regular expression in the placeables list, please precede the reg. ex. with the pipe character |


should catch the tags including the adjacent formatting tags in your example.


IK: |(<[/]*[^<>]*>)++

But I don't understand it.


I tried both... and I still get only the number. No tags, no <:iaf. :-(

Aaaargh, I mean I tried Igor's solution, but it doesn't work. I get only the number.

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