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Windows regrets

Anyone here know a clever way to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7, if you have exceeded Microsoft's one month period, and deleted your Windows.old folder? That is, while keeping all your apps and settings intact. Michael

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Make that ‘Windows 10 regrets’, Hans. I don't regret or dislike Windows, I just am not sure 10 is finished. My fans seem to make more noise under 10 than with 7, where they were basically always silent.

I still greatly prefer Windows 7 to any OS Mac ever made, for the simple reason that there is no good software on OS X. So no regrets here I'm afraid.

Windows 7 forever! (as the other Hans would say)

You are entitled to your own opinion.

Hans, can you tell us what happens exactly after one month? You cannot use Windows at all, or is it simply limited in it's functions?

Alain, it was a posting from Michael at Proz, that I quoted. Michael, can you please elaborate?

@Alain: If you have not deleted the Windows.old folder (@ C:\Windows.old), you have one month within which you can still downgrade from Windows 10 back to Windows 7 (or 8). But I deleted mine, so cannot go back without reinstalling all my apps.

See original post @

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If you run Windows 10 on Parallels and regularly activate TimeMachine, you may have a version of the virtual machine which allows you to downgrade Win10 to 7 (i.e., created within one month after upgrading to Win10)


Thanks Masata, yes, that's true. 

I actually had yet another way of easily going back to Windows 7, which is via my Macrium Reflect backup image. However, for reasons I won't go into here, I deleted that too ;)

Ho ho ho.

So now I am going to install Win 7 alongside Windows 10, and dual boot for a bit, to check if the reason I want to go back to 7 (my laptop's fans seem to be louder under 10 than under 7) is actually valid. If it is, I can rebuild my whole setup in 7 (in my spare time), and then at some point switch over from 10 to 7.

Who knows, though, I might boot into 7 and realise that my fans are just as loud as under 10, and then just stick with 10, which works just fine.

I am very particular about noise, and so any small decrease is welcome. My next computer is going to be one of those 100% silent ones (fanless, SSDs, etc.), but I'm afraid that this laptop is going to last me for many, many years still ;)

This is what I want to get next time:

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