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How to deal with menu names that shouldn't be translated?

Sometimes you have to deal with names of menus, items etc. that shouldn't be translated. Often you insert the translation behind the source term that has to be kept, e.g. between brackets:

Open the "Schluchwulzen" (slay wolthes) menu.

I'm looking for a smart way to have these menu names ignored during spell checking.

Adding them to the custom dictionary of Hunspell or to the list of non-translatables is not a good idea.

A project-based list of non-translatables would be a possible solution, but perhaps there are other ways?

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How about surrounding Schluchwulzen with a special character: {Schluchwulzen} that means: ignore spelling. After finishing QA, you delete all { and }.

Or even, in the Spelling menu, a toggle: Ignore words between quotes. Though I admit that this is a tricky one.

I think that an easy accessible switch (Translations > Options, or in the Spelling menu) like "Ignore words between quotes" would be the most intuitive solution. It would have the disadvantage that the user cannot define any other characters for surrounding (like accolades etc.), which are sometimes used in certain projects.

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