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Target column not exported to Excel file


I translated an Excel file that contains the source column in B column, the previous target in F column as a reference. Column E was left empty by the client for my new translation.

I used the Excel filtering options in the Project configuration, but when I export my file I get an empty E column.

Am I missing something?


Thank you Igor. Don't you think it would more logical to have the possibility to select a different column for the translation? As for me, quite often I receive Excel files with a previous target column, as reference. As I did in my screenshot, I can import this previous translation to CT and use it (or not), then export my final translations in a different column specified by the client for the new translations.

(In the meantime, since I had no choice I simply exported the file as a bilingual doc, copied the target column and pasted it into the Excel file.)

Hi Alain,

If you import both source and target as shown in your screenshot. The export column should be the same as target. CafeTran 'assumes' that the translation is in the Excel target column.


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