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SDL termbases on Linux

Hello Linux users (I hope there are some :-)

After reading the instructions for converting SDL termbases on a MAC, I looked at the situation on Linux. 

The good news: 

The mdbtoos package is also available there and also a graphical mdb file viewer called gmdb2. Using the graphical tool, you can more or less follow the instructions for the MAC.

In order to speed things up a bit, I used the commandline tools to write a python script for this task. If anyone is interested to try it out, I can provide a link to it.

- Waltraud -

Well done! Good to know that we have a Python expert on board ;).

Hi Waltraud,

I'm interested! Can you put a link to the script?

Hello Alain,

here is the link:

Of course, no warranty whatsoever, but if you find anything that should be repaired, please let me know.

Please remember that the mdbtools-package must be installed for this to work. Some hints on usage are in the "help->about" menu item.

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