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Is auto-completion dynamic?

I was just wondering: is auto-completion actually dynamically updating its stack? That is: if I select item x from the pick list, will this item x be used for AA next time?

Just checked: it isn't (yet).

Hi Hans,

I am not sure whether you mean Auto-completion or Auto-assembling? Auto-completion is dynamic and also contextual, that is, CT is aware of the preceding word when choosing the suggested word.


Hi Igor,

I was referring to AC. My question was:

When I pick the third item of the displayed AC list, will this third item become the first item once it has been chosen? In other words: is the stack arranged dynamically? I've tested it again, and it doesn't seem to be the case:

When I select 'Blabberm├╝hle', next time I type 'bla', still the item 'Blabbergraben' is on top of the stack (the item that you can select by simply pressing Return.

The context has preference over dynamic selection. Make the experiment typing the words in their context (preceding word).


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