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Revert translation memory language pair

Hello all, 

Here it goes a I hope not too silly question: we can indicate CT to look in glossaries for terms on the left column, the right column or both. However, this is not the case for memories:

If I have a project in which the language pair is reverse, let's say, my memory has been built in SP-EN and I want to use it for EN-SP, is there any way to reverse the language pair? I know that just selecting the project language pair in the Project configuration wont help in that sense as I will not be getting any results from this resource. 

Can you advice, please?

Thanks in advance, 


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Or would it work selecting the language pair I want changing the memory configuration? I wonder if this would be the solution...

ok, yes, sometimes thinking aloud makes you see things more clearly. it works...☺️

I just logged in to answer your question ;). Glad you could solve it. You can see Igor giving a presentation in about 19 minutes:

Thanks so much, Hans! Kind and always ready to the rescue as usual:-)

At least I hope the newbies see this when they start using CT and this thread can be useful this way!

Hi Elena,

I just had the same thought because currently I have a TM for EN-DE and one for DE-EN. Could you please explain how you did this as I seem to be a bit slow today :-/



Hello Stefanie, 

I ended up using the same TM for ENG-SP and SP-ENG. 

You just have to change  the language pair direction according to your project language pair when you open the TM. 

See attached image:-)




Hi Elena,

Thanks for your reply. It's that easy, eh? 

I will try this instantly.

Have a great day!


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