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Prefer old location of search buttons.

Hi Igor,

I keep trying to get used to the new location of the search buttons, but to be honest, I think they were easier and quicker to reach in their previous location. Every time I select something in the source or target pane, and want to click on one of them, I now have to move farther away from where I am (namely: usually near the middle of the src and trgt panes).

See: 2015-09-18 All the search buttons in the main interface are placed in the Search bar now to have a more intuitive and faster access to them.

Just give it some time, to get used to them?

I will keep trying, but the fact remains that after selecting a term/phrase in the source or target pane, you will generally speaking now have to move the mouse farther than in the past, to reach the search buttons. 

@Igor: can we maybe have it optional?

Hi Michael,

They are now just above the source segment pane so the mouse movement is no different. Each of the button has a corresponding keyboard shortcut. Let 's wait for some more users' feedback.



I agree with Michael. I prefer the previous appearing/disappearing search buttons, which are still there when the toolbars are hidden.


I prefer the old location, although I do not want anything appearing or reappearing, as this sometimes changes the dimensions of the translation editor panes.


The best position may be between the segments (not irritatingly big!)

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