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Just for the records:

Jost Zetzsche had a short insight onto what will be Wordfast 4. Here is a part of his article in his newsletter:

Aside from the great usability and the (continued) low price, I could really not see any groundbreaking new feature in the release that I looked at. I confess that this disappointed me a little because we had been promised a bit more. When I asked tool vendors in the webinars I did in 2014 about a number of features, Wordfast's response was often: "It will be there in Wordfast 4" (such as generic terminology resources, subsegment matching from MT, automatic fixing of fuzzy match segments using sub-segment TM and MT suggestions, specific user profiles for different project participants, exportable keyboard shortcuts), and I see only very few of those promises in this new version (none of the ones mentioned just now).

Nevertheless, it certainly looks nice. The CleanUp feature is something that I've been asking for since long: updating all your resources while creating the translated document. That must be very convenient for novices.

Style of the icons is not my cup of tea, but never mind.

Why side-by-side segment pane only? (Vertical pane will be available in the official release?)

Do they want to be a slight improvement on SDL Trados?

I prefer Pro 3, at least its interface.

Good luck,

Well, if you follow recent discussions, you'll notice that Wf Pro 4 is far from ready. Even our own Wolfgang has withdrawn from the experiment.

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