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Windows Pro features dockable windows; I wonder where they copied that from?

"Wordfast Pro

Don't quite have the space you need on one monitor? The windows in Wordfast Pro are modular and can even float on another screen. Just click on the tab and drag it out of the Wordfast window (e.g. the TM Lookup pane is on the bottom, laptop screen in the photo)."


I wonder where they copied that from?  :)

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>I wonder where they copied that from? :)


I'm not sure. Transit? Déjà Vu? Thing is, good ideas come up at the same time at different places. Gutenberg, Coster etc.

Last time I had a look at Wf Pro 4 beta, it was rather sluggish. Nevertheless there will be a lot of migrants from Wf Pro 3 and Wf C. Although, perhaps not so much from Wf C. People like Samuel and Dominique are still translating in the MS Word environment. Is that a kind of religion, I wonder sometimes.

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