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Feature request: checkbox in translation editor to indicate whether src editing is ON or OFF

Can we have a little checkbox somewhere in the translation editor, to indicate whether source editing is ON or OFF? Currently it is hidden under Translation > Options > Edit source segments, and since there is no way of knowing whether it is on or off at any given moment, it is very easy to make mistakes. 

I currently have a voice command (using Dragon & Vocola*) to easily switch it on or off (all I need to do is say, ‘edit source’, to switch it on and off), but I still never know which state it's in, so I have to keep navigating back to Translation > Options >

Edit source segments every time I want to use it because I can't remember if I remembered to switch it off after using it last time.


* edit source = Keys.SendInput({Alt}{Left_3}{Down_17}{Right}{Down_5}{Space});

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I kept making those mistakes too...


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