CafeTran Espresso 2015 Update 6


The update 6 to CafeTran Espresso 2015 is available for download. The users who purchased the program after 22 April 2015, in the new licensing system, do not have to install it anew. They can update it via a simple drag and drop procedure as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here (do not unzip or rename the file after downloading) and place it on your desktop.

Note: On Mac OSX, the Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading. Please disable this Safari option for the update.

3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program.

The update offers the following:

- Implementation of "Segments patterns" function. The patterns can be created both via the "New fragment" (translation memories) and "New term" dialogs (glossaries).

- Improvements in the accuracy of the "Subsegment matching" engine to propose the right translation for the subsegment.

- More distinct (bold and larger fonts) titled borders in the Project Dashboard on Windows.

- The "New project" button in the Dashboard opens the file chooser to select the source document right away after the click.

- All the search buttons in the main interface are placed in the Search bar now to have a more intuitive and faster access to them.

- All sections (panes) of the main interface have titled borders that describe their purpose. This makes the interface more intuitive for new users.

- Docked panes have titled borders with the name of the docked resource.

- Individual glossaries and translation memories can be kept out of auto-assembling by choosing the option after the right-click at their pane.

The background grid (horizontal lines in the editor) is not a default option now so you may need to re-apply your favorite theme again in the menu View > Appearance > Themes >... to notice the change. If you don't do it, your current UI settings will still show the grid. The grid can be turned on/off by clicking View > Appearance > Themes > Background grid submenu.

The article on "Segment patterns" is published here.



>how does: All the leaves are {1} and the sky is {2}. [TAB] El cielo es {2} y todas las hojas son color {1}.

>relate to what I already do:

>All the leaves are .+? and the sky is \w+. [TAB] El cielo es XXX y todas las hojas son color XXX.

Segment variables (how about that for a name?) are more flexible: you can change the order of them (compared to the SL). They are also easier to insert, especially with a dedicated button. Hence, support my REQ by liking it.

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@Igor: If I have my glossary set to ‘Regular expressions only’, and I want to store Segment patterns in it, do I need to proceed them with the ‘?’, or will this be interpreted as a regular expression and mess things up?

Dear Michael,

An excellent occasion to present this great new feature to the translation community! Good luck!


Hi, Igor

After dragging the update file onto CT and restarting it, CT is not updated


Hi Masato,

Please see the comment about Safari possibly unzipping the file. It should be dragged as is, without changing a name or unzipping. The Product version in the Help > About should say 2015091601.


Hi, Igor

I confirmed my product version is 091601.

I'm trying a very simple segment pattern, but nothing happens.

This pattern was created with a text editor, not directly from CT, but in accordance with the specified format.

Any tips?


Hi Masato,

If you wish to create a pattern in an external text editor, please put the ? character in front of the pattern. This character signals that is not a simple glossary entry. You don't need to do it if you create a pattern in CafeTran.


Hi Igor,

Thanks for the clarification.

Two more questions.

? should not be followed by a white space character, right?
The same rule for TMX memory?



>? should not be followed by a white space character, right?

Yes, unless you actually wish to have the space there.

>The same rule for TMX memory?



So, for this purpose (segments pattern), glossaries and memories do not work in the other direction?



They can work in both directions. Just put the ? character in front both source and target if you create them outside CafeTran.


I have started a new topic under the Tips and Tricks category to share my petty know-how about the segment pattern matching feature.

Good day!



I'm going to find out how I can play with this feature.


Hi Masato,

Yes, there are no synonyms in segments pattern, and punctuation characters should be omitted when you create a pattern now. The first implementation of the feature is being refined based on users' feedback. I should enhance it in the next update.


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