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Dictation on Mac

Torsten writes: >allerdings ist Dictation ebenso wie maschinelle Übersetzung oder das Windows-10-Pendant Cortona aus Gründen der Vertraulichkeit mit etwas Vorsicht zu genießen. Note that this is only valid for the default online mode. You can also download an offline package for each supported language.

L Kapitan! Nice, they must have renamed it in the last minute!

Well, I assume Dictation does not understand it yet! But never mind, better than "El Capy kann" or "L capitain" under Yosemite in GER...

Yet another question:

With Dictation I can even dictate under Parallels/Windows7 (I did this only for testing purposes), but there are only segments arriving into the Windows programs. Does anybody of you manage to let it work properly this way? Probably I must give it more RAM or play around with the settings.

I had to download all 480 MB of Enhanced Dictation data (used for offline use) again (I already had them downloaded for Yosemite), so perhaps they have optimised these data?

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