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Existential Friday doubt...TMs

Hello all, happy weekend for those who are almost starting. For those in still working time zones, please solve this doubt: If I have several translation memories opened in a project, if I click on the "add segment to memory and go to next segment" I assume the segment will be stored in all memories. 

If I want to choose a specific segment then I can select both SS and TS and add to the memory I want. But then, would this feature be kept throughout the project?

If I just want to add as a norm to one of the memories, is this the way: by going to the Add fragment to memory and then deselect the ones I do not want to increase for the moment? I do not want them Read only, I choose as I go as I am testing to work with a termbase. 


If you click on the "add segment to memory and go to next segment", the segment will be stored in all memories that are set to store segments. You need to set this for each TM separately, in its settings. Either from the Dashboard, or by selecting a TM in the tabbed pane, and then right-clicking in the TM somewhere, and selecting "Options". In there, see:

Memory type

(×) Translation memory

(×) Termbase  

Do this for each TM.

"Add fragment to memory" (Alt+M) is for using your TMs to store terms and phrases in. Basically: to use the TMXs as termbases (aka glossaries). Selecting and deselecting individual memories in this dialogue will determine which memories are used as termbases (aka glossaries).

Gracias, Michael. All makes sense. 

Thank you!

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