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WISH: Extending "List words with unknown spelling"

The following point is not a request, but a simple wish (okay, several wishes):

When listing the word with unknown spelling, it would be nice to have the words clickable to locate them (or to locate the first occurrence) in the translation grid. This would allow a kind of alternative, but better targeted spell check.

The next wish would be to be able to refresh this list with a shortcut or with a right-click menu (just in case you made some corrections in the segments)

and/or allow to import it to the user's spelling dictionary (okay, I can open this dictionary side by side and edit it / copy&paste, so this is a quite unimportant wish).

The third wish would be – like in the case of the frequent words – to have clickable buttons for adding single entries to the TBs, to the list of non-translatables and/or to locate them in the grid (for the list of non-translatables same as above, you can open them side by side – just as a side note: it would be cool if the glossaries as a whole could finally and optionally be edited inside CT and not in an external editor).

These are just some thoughts and wishes, but the clickable words would really be great. The possibility of editing and copying the lists – unknown words, non-translatables, user's spelling dictionary – is nice, perhaps it would be possible to locate these commands in the same menu.

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