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Splitting up words inside the segment pane

It is really nice that CT is able to split words inside the segment pane when these words contain hyphens (e. g. memoQ does not).

Since the last update CT tends to split words randomly. 

It looks like this

This does not happen always, as far as I was able to observe this happens in many cases after corrections were made inside a segment, but even then not always.

I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean. Could you explain a bit more, and maybe create a screencast or at least a few more screenshots of what is going on?

What do you mean by, "split words inside the segment pane when these words contain hyphens "?

Do you mean that the 'f-' gets wrapped to the next line? If so, I've seen that once. In a specific file. If I remember correctly, Igor told me that it was depending on the file format.

But I admit that it looks sil-



Okay, let me explain.

CT wraps Kaffeehaus-Maschine as follows:



That's fine and better than in memoQ (and very good for German as target language), but this was only a note and actually not the problem. Sorry if I confused anybody.

The problem is that CT with Update 5 actually wraps very randomly, e. g.





The example screenshot above should wrap as "Kraftstoff-", not as "Kraftstof/f-"

Maybe this already had happened before (the example screenshot above is from a docx file), but actually it happens quite frequently - this should not be the case, I suppose.

No it shouldn't be the Käse. It distracts, so it should get fixed!


Isn't this simply a matter of font size, and not being able to hyphenate because of rules?


I seem to remember a pretty recent request - probably by Hans CafeTran Wiki himself - concerning hyphens.


L'etat cést moi! Pardon my French ...

That request was regarding a way to ignore Crazy Binda-Stricha!


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