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Saving recalled project TM

Hello -- I have successfully created a Total Recall database and recalled segments from a data table to my current project, which worked beautifully as far as I can tell. As an experiment, I then re-opened the data table, chose Recall to Memory, unchecked the Recall in Context box, and Cafetran appeared to create a new TM and import all segments from the data table into it. This is all great, but then when I selected "Save Memory as..." and saved this TM supposedly containing all segments from the table, the resulting TM was empty (i.e. proper TMX format but no segments in it). I still have the recalled TM open in Cafetran and as I say it appears to contain many thousands of segments. How do I save this TM so I can open it in a text editor? Thank you. -- Steven

Select: Memory > Save all memories…

That ought to make CT ask you where to save the TM created from the Total recall lookup.

Steven: ...the resulting TM was empty

Same problem here.


Hi Steven,

By default, CT recalls the segments in "read only" mode for performance reasons. Uncheck the "Read only" box in "Total Recall" options panel and try again if you wish to save the segments to the TMX file.


That did the trick! Thanks very much Igor and Michael for the quick responses. -- SD

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