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Fusion 8 supports the full resolution of the iMac 5K :)

The new VMware Fusion 8 supports the full resolution of the iMac 5K (5120 x 2880). And that's great!

Full screen:

In a Single window I get 5112 x 2790:

I'm "still" using Windows 8.1 (I'm not sure what will happen to my licenses when I upgrade to Windows 10).

I do not remember what version it was (must have been 6), but it created shortcuts for any Windows program in my "Programs" (or okay, "Applications") folder on the Mac. Pretty annoying, but obviously no more the case with version 8.

My Parallels 10 installation has - after some months only - some glitches again, so it will probably be my last Parallels version. 

You mean the Programs folder in Yosemite? Probably not, since this is called the Applications folder:

Er, let me fire up Fusion and have a look at the Programs folder in Windows 8.1:

Or this one?

I don't think this is what you mean.

BTW: I've created this Fusion VM by opening a VM that I had created in Parallels Desktop. Almost everything worked immediately, except for Studio. I had to change a certain path for the projects.

Does Fusion still clutter your Programs folder with aliases and shortcuts for any (really any) Windows app?

This is just another experience I would not like to repeat.

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