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Fluency Now: Curiosity kills the CAT

Just as a "don't do this" example - today from Western Standard, the producers of "Fluency Now":

Sometimes "Beta" really means "Beta", lacking even basic features. I suppose Western Standard might publish its ready-to-use "Mac" tool maybe in 2017 or 2018.

And yes: Thou shall not have any CATs besides CafeTran, I see.

Okay, what are the features that are interesting for CafeTran?

Did you know that Wf Pro 4 is about to be released? They have very good marketing and they are getting all the space they ask for at the TriKonf conference:

The training will take place on Friday at the Historisches Kaufhaus as a Friday pre-conference workshop. It will be devoted to setting up and using the general features of Wordfast Pro 4. A workflow approach from translation quoting to delivery will be used and practical exercises will focus on creating and using glossaries and translation memories. This course is for translators who are new to Wordfast Pro 4 or who have used Wordfast Pro 3.

How about that for creating publicity? I hope that CafeTran will start to attend conferences like these too.

This was only a short test that had to be aborted because of lacking basic features (and of lack of patience from my side).

Fluency Basic has a number of customizable windows, nothing special indeed, at least nothing at first sight.

Concerning the second point: For sure, why not spend a bit of your time in exchange for the productivity gains CT has offered?  

And yes, this is the actual version from June, I just checked again.

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