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Changing location of SQLite Total Recall database


I am trying to relocate the SQLite database to a folder outside of the Cafetran application in OS X 10.10.5. I copied the file "SQLiteMemoryBase.db" to another folder and then, under Database Options in the application, I changed the URL to:


"stevendewitt" is the name of my home folder. I also saved this configuration under a new RES file ("SQLite_SD.res") which I see in the Resources folder and which displays the expected information when I open it as a text file. Currently, in Cafetran, when I select the "SQLite" database configuration, I can create a new table. But when I select the "SQLite_SD" configuration and then click to create a new table, nothing happens at all.

I don't know much about proper path syntax, so I also tried "jdbc:sqlite:/home/Dropbox..." and everything else I could think of, but no luck. Any suggestions much appreciated. FYI, I have been restarting Cafetran each time I change the configuration.


Hi Steven,

Please try one of the two:

  1. jdbc:sqlite://stevendewitt/Dropbox/Freelance2015/Databases/SQLiteMemoryBase.db
  2. jdbc:sqlite:file:/stevendewitt/Dropbox/Freelance2015/Databases/SQLiteMemoryBase.db


Hi Igor,

Thank you very much for this, but neither of these solutions worked unfortunately. I wish I knew more about proper paths in this way so I could help. I can use the database feature without problem when I use the default folder inside the application, but Cafetran won't recognize any alternate location I try using every kind of path syntax I can think of. Any suggestions from you or Mac users much appreciated.


Steven, are you sure you used the right path to your Dropbox folder? The default path seems to be:


I tried to connect to an SQL database I created myself, and I was successfull, apart from the fact that I wanted to keep the DB simple, as in "way too simple" so I excluded an essential field.

How do you get your path? I use an Automator Service to copy it that may or may not be included by default in the Keyboard Preferences. If it's not there, you can download it here (yes, in DropBox...). On the other hand, I recently read large DropBox/OneDrive/etc. folders and files may slow down your computer considerably. I cannot check that, because they're almost empty here (DropBox < 1 GB of 7 GB, OneDrive 350 MB of 40 GB).


Hi H -- Thanks very much. I checked, and at least on my computer, the path definitely appears to be /Users/stevendewitt/Dropbox. I will keep playing with the path name... -- SD


For anyone else on OS X, after 2 days of experimenting, I finally got the path right:

jdbc:sqlite:/Users/stevendewitt/Dropbox ... 

Thanks very much Igor and everyone for pointing me in the right direction!

Igor, in the page "Changing the location of the database", under

"The definition of the URL location path for the SQLite database is jdbc:sqlite:database_file_path. Here are a few examples:"

Example number 2 should probably read:


at least for OS X.

Thanks again,


Hi Steven,

The URL path for Mac OS X has been corrected in the article. Thanks for pointing it out.


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