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FEATURE REQUEST: "Glossary > Sort glossary entries by number of words"?

Hi Igor,

We have:

Glossary > Sort glossary entries alphabetically

Glossary > Sort glossary entries by length alphabetically

Can we maybe also have:

Glossary > Sort glossary entries by number of words

I'm doing an experiment that requires splitting my big glossary into two parts: 

(1) one part with only terms that are longer than x many words (probably entries with three or more words), and 

(2) one part with everything under that (probably single terms, and maybe entries with two words).


Also: anyone know how to do this in another tool? Excel? ASAP Utilities for Excel? A text or CSV editor?

Use a regular expression to filter, of course. Where would we be without regular expressions Keyboard Maestro, AHK, Word macros, AppleScript, Automator, and the like?


In Excel insert a formula in C1 to count the number of words in A1. Propagate this formula in a clever way to Cn, where n is the number of the last row. Then sort the table on column C. As a formula to count words you can use or

Oh oh, just realised entries containing synonyms make it a bit more complex. I was just assuming I would need to calculate the number of words in the first column of each line. However, the first column might contain several synonyms, some with less words than others.

You can ignore those synonyms and only count the number of words in the first alternative in such an entry: new line here first alternative;second one;third oneTABULATORfirst translation;second one new line here Where "first alternative" is the first source term in a term record with source-side alternatives (aka synonyms) new line here If you are interested in this work-around, I can post it mañana.
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