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TransTools v.3.8 picks up a nice CafeTran feature

In CafeTran it is possible to create a list containing all words with unknown spelling, for all file formats supported by CafeTran:

The newest version of the great TransTools now offers the same nice feature for Word documents:

Quickly review all the spelling mistakes in a Word document. All spelling mistakes are presented as a list of unique words which is very easy to look through. This approach is significantly faster than using Microsoft Word’s built-in spellchecking tool.

Spellchecking Assistant has three core tools:

Generate and process list of spelling errors: This tool creates a list of all unique words that are marked as spelling errors (see the screenshot above), and allows you to review them in context, correct them, copy them to your custom spelling dictionaries, record them for re-use in your CAT tool (in the list of non-translatables, spellchecking ignore list, termbase, etc.), and perform some other things.

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