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Import and glue several .txml files?


I have a folder with three related .txml files that I want to translate together in CafeTran.

I can correctly import one .txml file at a time (by correctly, I mean "segmented").

If I select "Translate Folder with documents", either the files are not segmented

(happened once), or only one file is imported.

TIA for your help

Nathalie Marlier


When you want to create a single project from a whole folder, check "Documents folder" and select the folder. It should work.


I know I'm digging up an ancient thread, but I had the same problem as Nathalie (solved by dragging and dropping the folder as per Igor's instructions).

So I'm turning this into a feature request:
It's not possible to create a project with multiple files by using create a project (or dragging and dropping a single file and then clicking on documents). (I thought I might be able to select the folder this way, but my only option was to open it.)
So how about allowing multiple files to be selected when creating a project? Alternatively modify the file selection dialog (though since it's a native dialog, that might not be possible) to offer a 'select' option, in addition to the 'open' option.
(Note I'm on Linux - this could of course be a quirk of Nautilus.)


I started a new project today with one txml file.
I first created the project and tried to add the txml file via the project configuration panel, but it did not work (Cafetran said smthing like I cannot save the project.)
Just selecting option "Edit XLIFF... TXML files" and they drag&dropping the txml file onto the Project Dashboard did not work either.
It worked with I clicked on "Add document" button, though.



Hi Nathalie,

It is also possible to create a project with multiple files by dragging and dropping the folder with the files onto the Project Dashboard.


I DID it!
Through Project Dashboard. Edit txml, CT asked to create a NEW project. OK, I don't mind. Then in the small panel, I simply clicked on the folder of the project into which I had previously failed to import the files correctly segmented. CT imported the three txml files in there PLUS the previous project .xlf file and asked if I wanted to glue everything. I said Oh Yes, OK!, as the files looked properly segmented. Then I simply removed the .xlf file.

And I finally can work with the three related files in one single project.

I don't know though if this is reproducible.

Sounds like something Igor has to investigate.

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I tried both. I just tried via Project Configuration, all the files were imported, I was able to glue them, but they were not segmented. Then I tried to drag&drop the folder onto Project Dashboard. Nothing happens.


Sounds very much like the problems Rk is having. Exactly how do you import the files? Via Drag & Drop on the Dashboard? Or via the Project Configuration dialogue box?

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