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The message stack at Freshdesk: are things working out as expected?

I'm not sure whether I'm happy with the way how things are developing here at the CafeTran Freshdesk.

I was hoping that especially the Newbies forum would be a place where high-quality, condensed postings for new users would be displayed. No pollution, no distraction, no discussion, no opinions, no claims, just information sec.

Instead an unexperienced user, who is refusing real help and obviously has no clue about how to use CafeTran on a Mac, even asking elsewhere whether CafeTran works on a Mac (although he could easily see that most of the articles in the wiki have been created on a Mac, the tutorials and webinar too, the articles in leading translator's magazines etc.).

I'm not saying that ignorant questions like that cannot be asked, but please can they be placed in the Coffee Talk forum – where they belong?

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