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How do you start the translation of a document?

I am struggling like hell with Cafetran on my Mac 10.9.5. First I had to contact the support because when I created a new project and added files into it, the main window came empty (no text). 

I tried again and again and finally I managed to have one of the three documents of my project properly segmented in the grid. But now, how do you translate it? I a trying by pressing the Next button, I actually tried all the buttons, but nothing happens...

Tou can see the screen copy attached.

(164 KB)

Ok, the issues are back. I wrote to iGor but maybe somebody can chime in with some ideas. Here it goes...

I decided to add two more files to the project. To do this I followed those steps:

1- The project is open, I clicked on Project > Add Document...

2- After having Drag & paste the folder containing the two documents (and experiencing the inability to use the mouse on the Project Configuration window), I got to a screen displaying the grid with one of the previously translated documents. 

3- Then I clicked on Project > Documents... and selected one of the 2 new documents.

4- As a result I got an empty grid, and the document opened under the "Project TM" tab. Again, the document was not segmented and I therefore cannot translate it. 

From this point if I try to open another document by clicking on Project > Documents... and picking any other document, nothing happens.

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