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Improvements to Freshdesk

Dear Igor,

Could you please contact the Freshdesk support and ask them to fix the line endings issues, when copying text via iOS?

Also: when I'm in a bulleted list item and paste text, the pasted text is inserted below the bulleted item. Also rather annoying ;).



I think it's because Freshdesk expects Windows line endings, or maybe another type. Can't remember. I had a similar problem when pasting from Notepad. Try writing a post in a good text editor, with line ending types visible, and then try all three/two types (Windows, Unix/Linux). Hmm, I could of course do this myself, now couldn't I? OK, I will, as soon as I have second to spare.

Like I said: I'm mostly on my iPhone when replying. A modern BBS should deal with line endings.

Another wish: No need to constantly log in again (Safari Yosemite and Safari iOS latest).

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