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REQ: Accept glossaries in Excell format being dropped on the Dashboard

Following this discussion at Proz, I'm trying to make things as simple as possible for this guy. I started writing a new article and then realised that it only would be logical and intuitive if glossaries that are dropped on the Glossaries group of the Dashboard are loaded as ... glossaries.

Currently they are handled as projects (the Project Configuration dialogue box is opened):

An alternative:

  • How about requiring a first line of the table with language codes or a special file name (e.g. beginning with 'gloss') to have a table loaded as glossary and not as a project?
Hands up, please!

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My hand is up!

All five fingahs I hope?

Love this idea!

I had this idea about the implementation: why not make CafeTran behave for XLSX like or TMX files dropped on the Dashboard?

That is: If one drops a XLSX file on the Dashboard, a dialogue box appears that asks whether you want to load it as a glossary or as a project.


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