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Parallels: 50 % faster again?

Parallels Desktop 11: 50 % faster again? Too good to be true?

It's a pity that they always demand so much money for their annual updates.

I've also understood that it's possible to upgrade a VM with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Didn't dare to do it yet.

Now the new version of VMware Fusion has been released too. I'll have to find out which product will support the iMac best.

Desktop 10 has been faster than version 9, so this might be possible. But it is indeed a pity that you need to update, at least if you want to keep up with OS X updates. 

Yeah, I guess that it'll be faster. However, 50 % faster? Sure, for certain, very specific tasks. I think it's much like the fuel consumption numbers that car manufacturers promise (no wind, hill down, new road, constant speed etc.).

Nevertheless, at one moment I'll upgrade of course ;).

At least I would never run again one of the migration scripts (Parallels <> VMware) or even upgrade scripts between different Parallels versions again (I had an one year adventure with VMware). Even not for testing purposes.

IMHO it is more time-consuming to fix the glitches and issues because of these scripts than to setup a new Mickysoft system.

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