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How to copy projects between computers

From the CafeTranslators forum at Google: ---- have two computers, both have Espresso installed and working. I would like to copy my translation project from the one computer to the other. How do I do that? Igor, I know you told me to do it with the .xlf file. Unfortunately, I could not do it. Must have done something wrong... Thank you very much in advance! ---- You will have to copy the entire folder containing your project, not only the xlf file. For future projects I'd advise you to use Dropbox (OneDrive, iCloud etc.) to swiftly exchange projects between computers. All very transparent.

Hi Bernhard,

The easiest way to transfer CafeTran project to another computer is as follows:

1. Convert the project to package via the menu Project > Convert project > To Package...

2. Drag and drop the package .ctp file onto the Project Dashboard in the second computer.


I have a slightly different, but closely related question:
(Hope no-one minds me reopening this old thread)
I use Dropbox to sync all my ongoing work and resources between two computers (one at home, one in the office). I therefore have the files I need, but I'm not clear how to open a project I've started on one computer on the second computer. Do I just drag the xlf file to the dashboard?


Good question. I've always done it via the Project menu, but that was before the Dragging was added. Guess that dragging will work too. However, you won't be able to proceed directly from the segment number where you stopped on the other computer (or is this not true with CafeTran's own XLIFF files?).

And then there is this problem with syncing non-translatables, your custom dictionary etc. etc.

I have (a) related question(s), too. I work on a PC in one location during day time most days, but often do some further work in the evenings/ early morning or over the weekend, so I would want to move projects backwards and forwards.

With 2016 Ichiro I exported a tiny project package from the  laptop to USB stick and then open again on the PC from the stick (by opening new project with the .ctp file). I can work with that, update the TM and export a Word doc from it. But when I look at Project configuration, the Project location is blank, just showing the letter for the drive with the USB stick. The document gets saved on the C drive. Is this ok?  And I have not tried to take this project back home to the laptop - can I just export a new package?

I had another project which I started on the PC. I copied the whole folder from Projects and exported a package, both to USB. I somehow opened this project on the laptop (unfortunately I already forgot what I did exactly) and was able to continue working on there ok. Then exported to package. Now I have no idea how to get this back into the project on the PC. Is there a way to do this or do I need to create a new project every time I move from PC to laptop and vice versa?
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