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Long-lasting, ultra flat wireless keyboard to come

The new wireless keyboard will see a notable overhaul in its Bluetooth capabilities, while getting a bump from Bluetooth 2.1 to Bluetooth 4.2. The upgrade will see a noticeable increase in battery life and more robust communication between the input devices and the main computer. Also of note is the inclusion of integrated lithium battery packs, which users will have to charge instead of the swapping in traditional AA batteries as seen in the current generation of the Magic Mouse and Apple wireless keyboard. The change is noticeable on the wireless keyboard in particular, with Apple able to do away with the barrel shaped feature on the bottom of the existing keyboard where the replaceable AA batteries are housed.

Nice, but an ultra flat keyboard might mean a rather changed ergonomics. And obviously a new track pad … (anybody out there still using a mouse?) to ensure compatibility and – eh – aesthetics.

I use the wired keyboard that is already flat and I use the apple mouse all the time. Trackpad only for app switching with my left hand. Is it really raining in Munich that much? I mean: is WetterOnline right for, say, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Hm, I have the wired keyboard (that is longer than the wireless), but I do not use it (though the USB ports are really nice). I assume that the new keyboard would become even flatter. Using mouse and trackpad at the same time for different things is an aspect I should really consider, indeed.

Yes, it is raining for about an hour (there was not so really much rain in the last days, but as far as I heard it must have rained much more in Munich (that is a bit away from here). Some forecasts say it will become nicer in the next few days. 

Images of the new mouse, touchpad and keyboard:
Mouse recharged in 2 minutes Bigger function keys and left/right arrow keys on new keyboard More images:
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