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How to start using Total Recall?

 Hi, everyone!

At first, I have to say that I've never used the Total Recall feature before (and I'm not going to use it in my current project either). But today, I clicked on the menu item "Total Recall -- New memory table" by accident, and I noticed that nothing happened.

So I wondered what are the first steps that you need to take before you start using Total Recall. I suppose that you have to create a new database, but I haven't found an option for doing so, neither in the "Total Recall" menu nor in the Options. BTW, the menu item "Total Recall -- Connecting to database" doesn't offer me any database(s) to choose.

So just in case I'll want to use Total Recall soon: What are the first steps I'll have to take? How/where can the Total Recall database be selected/created?

TIA for your answer!


When clicking on "New memory table" there should appear a small window asking for the table name, subject, notes and context and the language pair. The DB is created automatically as SQLite DB. There is no need to connect to any database (at least not for us rookies).

The procedure is pretty good described in the Wiki. See

The magic begins when you filled Total Recall successfully, start a project and press "Recall to memory". This allows to extract all relevant segments out of very huge TMs for concordance and segment matching.

The temporary TM that is created can also be saved (e. g. if you did not finish your project). I assume fun begins and TR makes sense when having more than 30.000~50.000 segments. Or simply use it as master TM. 

On my PC, no small window opens when I choose "New memory table".

Another thing I've noticed now is that on the "Database" tab of the "Options" window, I can see only two "Database connection" options: H2 and Hsqldb; SQLite is not mentioned. Besides, the only file in my "cafetran\resources\databases" folder is H2MemoryBaseh2.db". No SQLite database there, obviously.

So I suppose there's something wrong with my installation. I'll also submit a support ticket to find out how to solve the problem.



Hi Martin,

I think the problem is that you have an older version of CafeTran. Igor's hiking in the Tatra mountains (until August 20) at the moment, so not sure if you can get the new version until then. In any case, once you have the latest version, we can continue your TR experiments!


I do have the latest version of CT, but Igor wrote that perhaps I skipped an earlier update that included the new database.
Next week, when Igor's back home, the problem will certainly be solved ...


Aha. Take a look in: 


(not "cafetran\resources\databases" … that's where the DBs end up in after you create them)

I have:

"…\CafeTran\cafetran\lib\sqlite-jdbc-3.8.7.jar" in there

I have attached "sqlite-jdbc-3.8.7.jar". Stick it in that folder, restart CT and see what happens.

That file (created on 27/04/2015) is already in the lib folder.

So perhaps we'd better wait till Igor's back home.

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