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System ID changed after Mac OS X reinstallation

 Hi, Igor

When I recently opened CT after reinstalling Yosemite and imported the current license file, the following message appeared.

Wrong system

The CT license file you have imported is valid, however, the local System ID does not match ...

Well, anything I can do to revive CT other than restoring the entire system from Time Machine?


Thank you all!

The support desk responded to my request quickly.



Hi Rk

I noticed that recently the credit of CT was changed from Igor himself to  Collaborative Translation Networks.
I don't know exact why, but I believe one of the reasons is to keep this excellent CAT tool alive even after he becomes unavailable for some reason or other ... well, companies are, by nature, intended to live longer than individuals (though companies have the risk of going bankrupt at any time!).

And one important point to note is that CT uses industry-standard formats (TMX memories and tab-delimited UTF8 glossaries), which can be used in any other popular CAT tool with no or little conversion or modification. This should mean that Igor has no intention to lock in users at all.

This is a real relief to me.

Japanese Translator

It means that once Igor gives up Cafetran, or decides to become a monk, or to open a fast food restaurant for penguins in the Antartic, or dies (God forbid), all users are stuck with the same machine?

Interesting question. Would you mind telling us who you are? I think that it talks a lot nicer if you know, who you are dealing with :).

You can find me here, if you're interested :).

I'm an English to French translator, discovering Cafetran (and struggling with it actually). This was a rather rhetorical question but it is true that I am a little bit reticent with such strong license protection systems.

I understand the need to protect authors from piracy, but sometimes the solutions they choose have an impact on the users' freedom.

I remember an accounting software company here in France, it was a long time ago, which published a software for which you would need to get an activation key every year. It was an one-time payment software, not something with an annual license. But they were really afraid of piracy.

One day the company went out of business. All customers ended with their data locked in an unusable software.

Of course, Cafetran licensing is not that bad. But still it may be a problem if the author decides, or is forced to end his activities.

Hello, everyone

Will the same issue occur when I upgrade to El Capitan?



Iirc No
It'll certainly be best to submit a support ticket (and provide your new system ID).



You will have had a reason to create a fresh install so I wouldn't restore a TM backup. Instead contact Igor for a new license key.
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