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REQ: Toggle through "New term" dialogue with keyboard

This is just a really minor thing, but a bit of importance of people who do not want to take their hands off their keyboard when adding a term.

When the "New term" dialogue opens, the cursor is inside the source language field and behind the term. This is absolutely fine to add a pipe (at least for me). 

Then I can toggle through with Ctrl-Shift-Tab (it is somehow irritating that there can be added a tab inside the source language field - any real use cases for that? but okay). However, to arrive at the target language field, I need to type it 8 times.

And the fields Context, Subject, Notes are being targeted with the cursor from the bottom to the top (IMHO not the most logical way).

Wouldn't it be more convenient to have the following order?

Source language > Target language > Context > Subject > Notes > OK (and then the rest)

- assuming that most people will make some corrections on the terms, add perhaps context, subject and/or notes and confirm their choice.

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Hi Torsten,

You can set the TAB key for switching focus between the source to target panes and CTRL+TAB to go to the other fields. Just select View > Segment panes > Cycle focus with tab key.


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