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URGENT - Possible to only translate slides in PowerPoint?

Hey, folks.

Is there a way to set up a PowerPoint project in CT and have only the slide contents load and not all the comments, presenter's this-and-thats, template data, etc. included?

I've got a request for a rush project and have just set this up to find all manner of extraneous junk included that I need to have left out so I can quote and finish this as quickly as possible.



Mark what you want to see.

More notes than translatable text: mark the text.

More text than notes: mark the notes.

Use a unique string to mark the text, e.g. AAPje.

Import the project.

Filter on AApje.

That is: Open the file in PP and precede every translatable string with AAPje.

Ok, so just to be  clear: I would need to manually click on every column heading, label, bullet point and sentence in each of the 38 slides of this presentation and precede each of them with a distinct initial marker? That's a few hundred items and would easily take an hour and a half or more to complete.

I feel a feature request coming on. :)

Thanks, Hans.



Hi Will,

Can't you simply skip the notes, comments, etc. during translation in CT and translate only slides' contents in CT?


Hi Igor,

In theory for the translation, yes. But when trying to quote based on amount of data, all that extra stuff is included in the stats.

It also makes for a messy TMX if stuff doesn't get translated (and I'm not always sure what is notes and what is slide material just by looking at the translation panes in CT).





Well, I may be writing too late, but ...

How about first importing a PowerPoint file into Wordfast Pro 3 and translating its txml file with CT, and exporting the translated document from WFP? WFP can import the slides only.

Like CT's trial version, the demo (free) version of WFP has no limits to the document size to be imported and has no trial period, if I'm not mistaken (WFP product brief says "Wordfast offers a full-featured demo version that runs without a paid license for translation memories of up to 500 translation units, making it possible to try Wordfast Pro on actual translation projects before you decide to purchase.")

I think this is worth trying.



Hi Masato,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I needed to be able to clean out everything but the slide text to be able to give a reliable quote on the project.

I appreciate your input and hopefully a future release of CT will include a slide-only option for PP presentations.




Yes, I'd appreciate a filter option for importing only slides too. Like Will, I'd find it useful for both translating and quoting.
Talking of quoting: actually, on my PC, CT is the only tool I can use for getting usable statistics of PowerPoint files.


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