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Have a beer in the English garden in Munich?

Any user of CafeTran fancy to have a beer in the English garden in Munich in about two weeks from now?


Vielleicht können wir dann auch dieses Kapitel Münchener Geschichte diskutieren:

I do not know if I will have the time, but simply contact me by private mail (is there a Munich user group indeed?). There are even some nicer places than the English Garden.

Because of the rain we'll be skipping Munich and head to Regensburg instead today. Better weather forecast there.

Sure, better luck next time. If you are heading the B15 and the weather is nice, I recommend to make a break in the old town of Dorfen (it's actually rather small, but lovely) or of Landshut (quite big, but lovely, too). Another nice thing is the "Schex" restaurant in Sankt Wolfgang (only few meters from the B15).

Have a nice trip.

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