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Quite a discussion at Proz

Hi Kevin, That is quite a discussion over there at Proz. I'm impressed by the thoroughness of your answers. Imo Proz members can post about anything without any backup. Unless you are touching big SDL. And the fact that anyone can make a profile without entering his name or address is imo not correct for a professional site. See the recent discussions about ct where some untraceable person attacks ct without telling who he is or perhaps works for. Am I too suspicious here? I'm afraid not. BTW: if anybody wonders who I am, just have a look at the first page of the wiki. ;)

Hi Hans,

Yes, it has been a good discussion and I have learned a lot. Thanks for providing your input and perspective. 

It is always good to see how different people view TM-Town as having those varying viewpoints, concerns and ideas really helps me to steer TM-Town in the right direction and make it better.

I have a few things I'd like to implement this week based on the discussion.



>That is quite a discussion over there at Proz.

With quite a surprising but courageous outcome, this morning.

I hope that you can concentrate on your business now  ;).

Onward and upward! :-)

Back to the fun stuff - working on the tools.

Yeah, do as Igor, code, code and code ;).

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