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Automatic language setting (src + trgt), also in bilingual documents?

Hi Igor,

It would be cool if the languages were correctly set automatically in bilingual documents too.


This only seems logical to me! On a side note: This summer I worked for an agency that profiles itself as highly specialised in tech trans. After having delivered a job I was sent a list with words that weren't recognised by their spell checker. All of them were spelled correctly but gelegenheidssamenstellingen. So much for their technical knowledge :(. Perhaps it would even be better to set the source column of the review table to DNP.


And it would be nice to have a list of the recent used languages at the top of the dropdown list and/or to be able to jump to the corresponding languages by entering the first letters in the dropdown list.

Agree Torsten. Several other CAT tools already have that: the ability to edit the language list. I only need Dutch-Netherlands and English UK/US; all the rest just get in my way, so I would like to remove them permanently.

I think it would be extremely disrespectful to just throw away any languages. Mind you, they are representations of cultural complexes – how would you feel if we would just get rid of YOUR LANGUAGE?

Good point, as we hardly could communicate without Michael's native language. 

But (we are getting out of topic) don't forget that language is a subjective term that is hard to define. With a bit of disdain one could say that Dutch is just a German dialect - and I assume that many people (far, far away) might really believe this. Similar thing for Flemish or Catalan - many clients asking for a CAT-DE translation comment "but this is just a dialect, isn't it?" (or even worse - they send me a so-called Spanish source text that indeed is catalan).

Back to topic: Isn't there any text or xml file to edit for this? Anyway I would prefer the "remembered selection" at the top of the dropdown list.


Still on a side note:

>With a bit of disdain one could say that Dutch is just a German dialect -

Actually, Dutch is an advanced form of German, that has got rid of a lot of complex things like cases. Afrikaans is yet another stage of this progress: it has developed from Dutch and has got rid of a lot of 'obviously unnecessary' things.

Really fascinating, but okay, back to work (for those who don't have holiday).

I think Hans was joking (when he said, "I think it would be extremely disrespectful to just throw away any languages."), which Torsten then missed.

I obviously don’t want to ask Igor to delete actual languages from CafeTran. I just want to be able to remove them from my installation, like the other CAT tools offer. Either remove all the others, or move mine to the top, I don't care which.

I looked in the exported CTPreferences.xml file, but the list isn’t in there.


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