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Have CT not import TOC text (of linked TOCs).

Hi Igor,

Any news about the feature request re having CT not import TOC text (of linked TOCs), since all this text is also already present in the body of the document?


I've requested that too. I think it's primarily a Word issue. It has big consequences for the word counting too, ya know?
Has anyone tried marking the TOC as "Hidden" in Word before importing the document into CT? Would that be OK, or might it have the effect of damaging the TOC?


There is an easier way - simply right-click on the (real, not OCR'ed) TOC in the source doc and select "Field functions on/off" or similar (in German "Feldfunktionen ein/aus"). Now the TOC should only consist of a field command such as {TOC \o "2-2" \t "Titre 1;1;Style1;1;}. That's all, you shouldn't forget to with the field function on again after the export.

Thanks Torsten, that was indeed something that I'd wanted to test.

I'll add it to the wiki, as valuable info.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no longer a need to change the import filter for Word. But who am I ;).

Tested it with Word:mac 2016. Collapsing the TOC didn't do the trick. You'll have to hide it additionally.

I just checked if this works in a similar way in SoftMaker Office (TextMaker). I marked the whole TOC and set it as hidden text. Obviously, the page numbers in the TOC (or the appropriate references) got lost at that point. But it was possible to import the document into CT and translate it (with the TOC being ignored). So what you should do is "hide" the text of the TOC, import, translate and export the document and then, in TextMaker, replace the original (now hidden) TOC ("Tools -- Generate table of contents" and then, in the dialogue, choose "Replace exiting table"). You will then have a new. clean, translated TOC:


Hi all,

The ability to hide TOC in Word documents should appear soon - perhaps in the next update.


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Duh, I've just created a wiki article. ;)

Should I create an article about AutoCAD, or will this be achterhaald as soon as I publish it?

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