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Displaying tag content


Is there anyway to display the tags' content, as in Studio?

Quite often I have 3 or 4 different tags in the source segment, and I have to change their order in the target.

For example, in the source segment tags 1 2 3 4 are respectively arrow, arrow, arrow and soft return, and they become 4 1 2 3 (soft return, arrow, arrow, arrow) in the target segment, but when I review my translation CT displays 1 2 3 4 instead of 4 1 2 3, and I cannot know if the tags are in the good order. The only way to verify (as far as I know) is to open the file in Studio and look at the tags content.

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I forgot to mention that I'm working with sdlxliff files.


I think that:

>The only way to verify (as far as I know) is to open the file in Studio and look at the tags content.

Does imply the file format :).

Wouldn't it help you to have a look at a PDF of the project, to find out the meaning of such particular tags as arrows?

BTW: I'd eat a broom if these arrows aren't also available as Unicode characters. This doesn't help you but I'm meaning that the problems start at the entry level.

Hi Alain,

You can see the exact type of a tag after clicking "List tags" in the Tags menu. See the tool tip over each tag in the list. I have improved tag handling recently. See the new options to see boundary tags and adjacent tags.


Hey Igor,

You are truly full of (mostly pleasant) surprises :).



Thank you Igor, but the little popup window is really not enough. There should be a way to display the tag information right inside the source and target segments. Something like an "Expand tag display" option, otherwise we cannot compare the source and target tags (the popup that is displayed with the F3 shorcut shows only one segment (the target one?). 
As for me, I'm quite happy with the pop-up window (F3) - except that it isn't available if there's only one tag in the source segment. So there's no way to see the content of the tag in that case. So it will be helpful to make the "List tags" option available even if there's just one source tag to list.


Excavating an old thread here, but another issue for me with tags is that I can't omit them when they are not-required (e.g. soft line breaks, pointless non-breaking spaces from standardly inept DTP tinkerers).
Consider this a feature request!


Hmm, maybe ignore the above for now - I'm working with an idml file, and thanks to having found the above thread, I can now see that all these useless tags are encoded as <x id=somenumber>, removal of which would probably be a big ask.
I'm fairly new, so I'm not very up on how CafeTran handles tags in more common file formats.


amos: I can't omit them when they are not-required

I'm not sure in this (IDML) case, and you can't omit them, but you can make them "inactive" by moving them to the end of the segment. It's somewhere in the menu.


Hi Amos,

For heavily or 'strangely' formatted documents, I would recommend the tagless Clipboard translation workflow in CafeTran. It is as smooth at the normal workflow. Of course, the only requirement in this kind of workflow is to have installed the application which created the source document (InDesign in this case). I know there are translators who prefer this kind of translation workflow for all their translation projects.

Reviewed sdlxliff files (track changes) have more tags in the target. But CafeTran displays the contents for only the source tags.




 It seems the best tools for SDLXLIFF files with tracked changes are Deja Vu X3 and CafeTran.



It looks like there is now some support for a request to add Track changes in Studio files.

I've got used to do this in Studio but I can imagine that for the smart buyers who use CafeTran via the Proz Plus package, the ability to also accept/reject reviewer's tracked changes in Studio projects will be a great bonus. CafeTran would also be the first CAT tool to support this.

In the same time I can imagine that it'll be far from trivial to add this support.

Anyway, here's the to do list:

  • Add a filtered view for segments with tracked changes
  • Display deleted text with strike through
  • Add Accept/Reject one tracked change
  • As a bonus: Add Accept/Reject all tracked changes in project
We wish the programmer good luck!

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